Operational Efficiency Assessment

 Review the Questions in Each Catagory.
What Needs Process Improvement? 
What Areas Represent Operational Excellence? 
Where is Your Competitive Advantage? 
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Is your leadership team moving in the same direction?

How are your organization's vision and values determined? 

How are the goals and objectives defined? 



How are the skills and competencies of your workforce assessed?  

Do you have a defined business culture? 


How do you ensure that your workplace is healthy, secure, and accessible?



Do you effectively communicate with your customers? 

How do you address complaints and challenges? 

What is the customer engagement process? 

What is the turn around time from the point of order to delivery?  



Process Design

How do you determine essential process processes?


Do your key processes align with your value proposition? 

Process Management

How do you manage daily productivity? 


How do you set process expectations within your workforce?


Process Effectiveness

How do you manage cost and the effectiveness of your operations? 

How are processes and systems reviewed and accurately documented? 

How often do you host training sessions and assessments to ensure the consistency of your processes? 



Tracking and Projections

How do you project your organization's future growth? 

How do you ensure the quality of your data? 

How do you track the accuracy of your projections? 

How do you track equity value? 

Knowledge Assets

How do you manage and protect organizational knowledge?   

How do you manage and protect your brand identity? 


How do you manage and protect client data? 


Financial Management

What internal controls do you have in place to protect your financial assets?


How often do you review your business and financial data with an independent professional?


Do you have clearly defined policies and procedures?

What is your process to ensure your team knows and understands all rules and guidelines? 


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