Your ability to service your customer exceptionally well is the fastest and most economical way to expand an existing business. And with the demands of business and the recent increase in the hourly rate, its never been more critical.

Companies like Zappos, Amazon, and Ubereats already know, today's consumer has high expectation and a short attention span. Your ability to connect with them on a personal level and respond to their needs quickly can separate you from your competition.

FocusPoint, as well as the Harvard Business Review, have studied Zappos for many years. Their core values are the foundation of their business culture and the framework for growth as a billion-dollar business;

  • Deliver WOW Through Service

  • Embrace and Drive Change

  • Create Fun and A Little Weirdness

  • Be Adventurous, Creative

  • Open-MindedPursue Growth

  • LearningBuild Open

  • Honest Relationships With Communication

  • Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

  • Do More With LessBe Passionate and Determined

  • Be Humble

A service-based business does not offer something tangible, so our emotions and feelings of well-being often become its judge and jury. Here are five simple strategies to connect with your customer and CREATE A WOW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE:

Define your vision - your vision includes the mission and your organization's purpose, values, and guiding beliefs. The vision and mission should set a clear expectation of the service and the customer experience. It should also define the emotional context of the service provided, such as peace, good health, trust, care, hope, well-being, love, home, family, connection, confidence, leadership, to name a few.

Infuse the culture throughout your organization - when you put your mission and vision into real action, you begin to define your company's culture. Company culture is a written and unwritten example of who you are as a company, what you think, how you speak, and how you behave and how to connect to your employees, your customers, your community.

Create champions - hire, teach, and train at a champion level if you want to build a successful service business. Set expectations of excellence and create systems that monitor your results.

Make it personal - connect with your customers on a personal level. How can you communicate with them, bring real value, and create a connection?

Be open to change and improvement - the service industry is changing fast - every day. What needs to change in the delivery of service to improve the standards of your business? Be open to change and improvement to lead from the front and stay competitive.


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