The Past. The Present. The Future of Your Business

Updated: Jan 14

Before you move into 2020, take a good look at the past and the present.

#1 – Business Past

Pull out your 2019 calendar and go through it month by month. Think about what went well and what did not. Think about the little things that you know could be done better. It’s not “broken” but it’s not at an optimum level, and little by little it erodes your company's standard of service and excellence.

As a consultant, I have found it’s the little things that can have the greatest impact. If you don’t take action, that pebble in your shoe that was once just an annoyance, has the potential to become a costly problem.

#2 – Business Present

There is little more frustrating than coming to the end of the year knowing your company didn’t implement your business plan and didn’t achieve its goals. There are three key reasons even the best of plans fail to help you achieve the level of success you and your team strive for.

Lack of focus - When your vision is not clearly defined, the actions of leadership and staff are not focused on the priority of the company. This can quickly impact the standards of your team and the service to your clients. Over time, this could have a negative impact to your bottom line.

Poor communication – Lack of vision leads to poor communication. When the vision is not clear then the message cannot be communicated clearly either. Worst case, each person communicates their own message and your company vision is far from where it should be.

Failure to set priority – To implement effectively requires clarity, focus and priority. If you have too many priorities that can create ciaos. Many points are important but not every point is a priority. To be most effective keep it to no more than three priorities or projects to achieve in one year. To determine your priorities this year, here are three important thoughts; focus on the company's mission, be strategic in your implementation and create an action plan in alignment with your business plan to ensure you get things done and done well in the coming year.

#3 – Business Future

To implement an action plan and bring real focus to your company's priority objectives;

  • · Create a clear description of the issue/problem. Focus on facts, not blame

  • · Create a clear vision of the new goals and objectives

  • · Meet with senior leadership and get team by in

  • · Decide who will be in charge of the project and communicate the details

  • · Defined metrics to track progress consistently

  • · Schedule action steps and expectations at 30 day/60 day/90 day intervals

  • · Keep the communication chain open to address questions or problems as they arise

  • · Keep the main stakeholders engaged in your progress to ensure continued support

  • · Celebrate success big and small as your team makes progress

As you look to 2020 and beyond, imagine what your company would look like if you and your leadership team were on the same page, with a clear focus, open communication and implementing the same vision, in the same way, each day – every day. Success begins when the leadership team have ONE clearly defined vision, ONE strategy focused on priority and accountability and ONE system to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.

If we are honest about our past, have clarity about our present and a vision for our future we are more likely to achieve the success we strive for every day.

What's your top three priorities for 2020? Do you have a well defined action plan to achieve them?

Author - Sandra Price, Founder and Senior Consultant at FocusPoint Strategies.

As an EOS Implementer and Lean Method Coach and Consultant, Sandra works with senior leadership teams to define a standard of excellence in their business and help them to achieve it.

She works in collaboration to clarify the vision, create the strategy to design and implement effective and efficient core business systems and operations that quickly become sustainable, workable solutions with optimal results.

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