Is Your Company Culture the Root Cause of Your Problems?

The answer is likely, yes!

An essential element of any organization are the people who are a part of it. From your leadership team to your staff, to your customer – every person is vital to your success.

So how do you keep everyone happy and engaged? It starts with your company's culture.

What is company culture?

By its definition, company culture refers to the beliefs and behaviors expressed within the organization that determines how a company, its employees, and management interact and handle business relationships and transactions.

Often, the problem is the company culture is implied, not expressly defined, allowing the cumulative traits of the people the company hires to determine your company's beliefs and behaviors. Good or bad, these traits seep into all areas of business operations, making engagement a challenge and, ultimately, breaking down the real objectives of your organization. In short, if you have not defined your company's culture – someone else has.

Poor company culture may be the root cause of several issues, including high turnover, poor quality, slow growth. Here are three steps to improving your company culture to create engaged, happy team members and better overall results;

Create clarity

As the leader of your company, a clearly defined culture begins with you. Answer these questions;

What do you want for yourself? Personally, and professionally, what is your objective? Jot down your thoughts and ideas and begin to define the answers. What do you want for your company? What are your goals for this year, three years, five years, ten years? What are the core values and focus on your company? Create your mission statement.

Coordinate with your team

Share your thoughts, ideas, and objectives with your leadership team. Gain feedback from each team member. Do their values align with the company's newly defined goals and objectives? If not, why not? Will they be a challenge or a champion?

Communicate your message

Change can be difficult. Create a communication strategy that shares your objectives, aligned with your company goals, and how this change will benefit them.

Set priorities. Start with small steps and build from there. Proceed with patience. Real change does not happen quickly. Make the objective to teach, not train. The goal is to instill your company's beliefs and behaviors, so your team can apply them in each area of business, especially those that impact your customers.

A successful business comes from a culture that is organically grown and supports everyone involved. People want to follow you when they believe in you; when the core of your objectives is value-driven, you give them peace of mind. Peace of mind triggers emotions and creates feelings of happiness and stability, the foundation of a thriving culture.


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