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Updated: Feb 24

What is Lean Methodology? Lean Methodology is an established standard that allows you to achieve optimization, often defined as both a philosophy and a discipline.

Lean methods focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of a business system by eliminating (waste) activities that do not add value to the customer experience, service, or product.

Three areas go hand in hand to provide the most significant impact on achieving optimization;


Leadership teams, employees, vendors, shareholders, even customers can alter your capacity to create optimization. Lean methods can consist of talent analysis and performance development, change management, and cross-training.


All business systems and departments are part of the process and include organizational elements, value-streams, process management systems, and workflow as well as technology. Wherever there is a business system, you can apply Lean Methodology. Lean Methodology is flexible to the situation and universal across many industries.


You cannot ignore optimization and its impact on profit. Poorly defined standards and poor performance can quickly erode profit. What you may consider a small issue can turn into a profit problem before you realized it.


Your ability to be agile is your defense against waste and your solution to achieving optimization. By consistently applying metrics against standards, you can accomplish optimation.

What areas of your business could benefit from Lean Methodology?

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