2020 Mission Critical - Focus on your Vision

The vision for your company should be more than just inspiring words on a page. It should provide clarity and focus, communicate your intentions and motivate members of your team to realize an inspiring common goal for the future.

To clearly define your vision, you have to get clear about the mission/ purpose of your business.

"Mission" and "Vision" do two distinctly different things.

Your mission is your purpose and defines the organization's primary objectives and key measures of success. Its function is internal– the prime audience of your mission statement is your leadership team and your employees.

Your vision also defines your organizations purpose, but this time it's in terms of the organization's values rather than bottom line measures (values are guiding beliefs about how things should be done.) The vision communicates both the purpose and values of the organization.

Combined, this becomes the company culture as it translates into the actions of you and your team and how it is shared with customers, employees and others. It can shape a customers' understanding of why they should work with your organization and it should be your guide to make future decisions.

Mission Critical

To create your mission statement, first identify your organization's "winning concept or idea". This is the idea or approach that will make your organization stand out and is the reason that customers will come to you and not your competitors.

Next identify the key measures of your success. Make sure you choose the most important measures (no more than 3!) Combine your winning idea and success measures into a tangible and measurable goal. Refine the words until you have a concise and precise statement of your mission, which expresses your ideas, measures and desired result.

Case Study*

A recent client, whose over arching brand focus is "farm freshness" identifies the most important measures of success as freshness of products, speed to market and overall customer satisfaction.

The mission statement*

"To become the number one producer by selling the highest quality, freshest farm produce, from farm to customer in 24 hours or less with 98% customer satisfaction."

Core Values

To truly bring your mission statement to life, infuse your core values. Core values are the human elements of your mission. Specifically, the values of the leadership team and how the mission will filter to your employees and of course, the impact to your customer.

* The three most important values identified in the case study: freshness, healthiness and "local-ness".

Create your 2020 Vision

Now, combine your mission and values - polish the words until you have a vision statement inspiring enough to energize and motivate people inside and outside your organization.

Vision Statement*

"We help the families live happier and healthier lives by providing fresh, nutritious local produce: From local farms to your table in under 24 hours."

As you can see, going through this process can help to create clarity on many aspects of your business, such as setting your company's priorities, creating your brand persona and marketing strategy, HR objectives and standards of processing, to name just a few.

FocusPoint Mission

To become the be the most sought-after coaching firm in the Midwest by helping entrepreneurs and their leadership teams implement practical strategies, resources and tools to gain clarity, increase accountability and eliminate process complications by 20%.

FocusPoint Vision

We help to redefine the standards of how successful business is done. We help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams achieve success and enjoy happy and productive lives by providing a clearly defined business operating system and process improvement strategies with a 98% success rate. What is your 2020 Vision? How will you infuse your values into your company's mission?


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