Lean Process Improvement

 Sustainable Value - Healthier Bottom Line - Better Business Culture

What is Lean Methodology? 

Lean methodology is a way of optimizing the people, resources, effort, and energy of your organization to create greater value for the customer.


In short, a Lean business is a business that maximizes value while minimizing waste. 


The concept of Lean methodology in business is based on two guiding tenets; continuous improvement and respect for people.


Teams all over the world, from sales to software development, are using Lean methodology principles to achieve three things;


  • Deliver sustainable value to their customers - eliminating wasteful tasks allows more time for value drive service

  • Build a healthier, bottom line in their organizations - creating financial stability ensures longevity and future growth 

  • Improve their overall business culture - optimizing workflow encourages professional growth and enables a clear vision and united leadership


What is Process?

Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning "change for the better" or "continuous improvement.

Kaizen refers to business activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees from the CEO to the assembly line workers. Kaizen is a strategy used to implement Lean Methodology.


There are five key elements of Kaizen:

  • Teamwork 

  • Self - discipline

  • Improved morale

  • Quality circles - effective working environments

  • Improvement suggestions

The Kaizen approach is based on the idea that small, ongoing positive changes can reap major improvements. Typically, it is based on cooperation and commitment and stands in contrast to approaches that use radical changes or top-down edicts to achieve transformation.


Lean Methodology


Continual small improvements add up to major benefits. They result in improved productivity, improved quality, better safety, faster delivery, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.​

Our team will work with you to customize an approach that drives significant results to the bottom line and fits with the culture of your business. 


We can facilitate assessments, identify opportunities, deploy planning including Kaizen events, project mentoring, and lead significant projects. We will manage your project from initiation to result.

FocusPoint has facilitated Lean/Six Sigma implementation across all business systems including product development, sales, marketing, financial management and HR and across many industries such as hospitality, insurance, financial services, real estate, healthcare, small scale manufacturing and non-profit organizations.


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