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In the Face of Adversity

I've been an entrepreneur, business owner my entire life. I grew up in the kitchen of my parent's first restaurant. At just four, I began to learn about adversity, challenge, determination - grit. 

Fast forward - about just eight weeks ago, to say these are unprecedented times is a bit of an understatement. There are so many things beyond our control, and like you, I have fears about what the future holds. But I also know, those who find success on the other side of adversity are those who rise to the challenge and don't stop until the job is done. 

Whether you've been in business for two years or twenty, you have been affected.  What happens next is within your control. You can't change the past, but you can create a new and better future. 

There are going to be some tough choices to make in the weeks and months ahead. You don't have to make them alone. We are here for you. We can do this together. 


I wish you and your family continued good health, and success with your recovery. 



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THRIVE is a six-part business recovery plan, a system of thought, strategy, and resources focused on critical topics that can, when acted upon, create impact and a quick recovery.


Each topic includes a video, workbooks, checklists, and helpful links of state and federal resources. 

Take Action - how you plan your recovery will make a difference. Get insight, tips, and resources to create your strategy. Download the THRIVE workbook, plus the SWOT Analysis and Decision Matrix.

HR Options - how do you assess your HR needs? During this video, you'll learn our step by step HR/Hire Right plan, complete with the HireRight checklist. 

Revenue - how can you adjust your business model to generate revenue now? Plus, a simple system to assess your product/service profitability, Tips, and information about the Federal Economic Injury Disaster Loan. Download the Revenue/Expense Spreadsheet

Improvements - what business processes need improvement? You will learn how to evaluate your current business system and implement simple changes to be more productive and efficient.

Value Proposition - are your company values fully aligned with your business operations? We'll share essential steps to improve company goodwill, customer appeal, and increase competitive value​ now.  Download video and article.

Equity - do you know your real business value? Is your business equity efficient? In this section, we'll talk about financial management and how you can improve your overall business value by following a simple strategy and a proven plan. Download this link to learn about a local success story.


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